Steve Smith is better than Virat Kohli: Brett Lee

Brett Lee reckons that Steve Smith is better batsman than Virat Kohli.

In recent times, people have started saying who is best batsman in the world, asked same question over and over by many legendary batsman or bowlers in the shows or in live chat.

Many reckons that there is no any better batsman than Virat Kohli in all forms but due to Test performances, many also thought that Steve Smith is way better due to his Test performances.

It is true, Steve Smith is way way ahead of any modern batsman in Tests. He has been only batsman in the world who is most consistent, the way he plays the cricket match is appreciable. He is one of the best cricketer when it comes to Test. He is also compared to Bradman who is indeed a huge difference between both.

While on the other hand Virat Kohli has been compared to the great Sachin Tendulkar. Both have best qualities while in ODIs, Virat Kohli has been one and only great batsman in the world while in Test, Steve Smith is brilliant and has been greatest of all.

It is the reason why both players have been compared to each all the times, although they are in the list of fab four including Joe Root and Kane Williamson. There is difference among all, Kane Williamson and Joe Root are brilliant but no way near to the class of Virat Kohli and Steve Smith.

Steve Smith’s Test average is second to Bradman while Virat Kohli is only batsman in the world to have 50+ average in all forms at the same time.

It tells the difference and quality of both batsman, while Babar Azam and Rohit Sharma are other two Batsmen who are looking to gain what they are capable of.

While talking to cricbuzz Brett Lee reckons Steve Smith is way ahead of Virat Kohli in batting, although Virat Kohli is also brilliant but he isn’t that great what Steve Smith is.

Brett Lee reckons Steve Smith is way ahead of Virat Kohli and is better batsman than Virat Kohli. He also reckons he is comparable to Bradman while Virat Kohli isn’t.

There are many differences between both but Steve Smith is mentally way too strong, how he came after the gap of 1 year is too appreciatable. He came in England series and became the highest run scorer of the series as well which shows how great he is, not only at home but outside home as well.

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