Kane Williamson praises Babar Azam’s batting

Kane Williamson praises Babar Azam’s batting.

It is seen that many greats of cricket have come up with best appreciations for Babar Azam in recent times, it is not because he has only runs behind, but he has got the best runs with the quality of batting.

In recent times Babar Azam has gained a lot of trust from all great Batsmen, who have recently followed him and watched him closely. Many of them seen him live in front of them getting too many runs for his team.

Kane Williamson was one of them who has seen him live playing against him at New Zealand where he had only few runs and in UAE where he was unbelievable as batsman, he scored one century also there against New Zealand in UAE in 2018 when last New Zealand visited there.

Babar Azam showed his class there and one innings which can’t be forgot is that of innings in World Cup 2019 that he played against New Zealand in England. Although Haris Sohail also played beautifully but Babar Azam got century which has more value at the moment.

It is the reason why many Batsmen follow Babar Azam closely while some of commentators also have revealed Babar Azam among top 4 batsman in this era alongside Virat Kohli, Kane Williamson and Steve Smith. Although Joe Root has been sidelined here.

“Babar Azam is great to watch, his cover drives are treat to watch, he is among the great players at the moment,” says Kane Williamson.

Kane Williamson usually doesn’t appreciate everyone unless he is someone who is so special. And Babar Azam indeed is pure talent who is watched worldwide at the moment.

Brad Hogg, Shoaib Akhtar and Ramiz Raja always talk about him and praise him as one of the best batsman of this era and urge him to get more runs in future as well.

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